ART® Instructor Biography

ART®Instructor Biography

Michael Tancredi

Dr. Michael Tancredi, DC - Wayne, PA United States

Dr. Michael Tancredi began his career in health care the same way as many other chiropractors; spending time in a training room, rehabilitating his own injuries. Following three knee surgeries from wrestling, and becoming a NATA Certified Athletic Trainer in college, he was fortunate enough obtain a one year internship with the Philadelphia Eagles. He received his first “adjustment” on a weight bench in a local gym, and his life was changed forever! While he was in chiropractic school he worked numerous NFL mini-camps, and in other hospital and sports medicine settings. He was hired as the Philadelphia Eagles Team Chiropractor upon graduation and formally worked with the team for four years. His implementation of chiropractic care, therapeutic exercise and Active Release Techniques is the main reason the Phillies contacted him in 2008, to be their team chiropractor. Many players feel his care had a major impact on their first World Series victory in over 20 years.

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