ART® Instructor Biography

ART®Instructor Biography

Heather Pearson, ST

Ms. Heather Pearson, ST - London, England United Kingdom

Heather Pearson MSc ST MSMA MART Dip Sp. Psych., Dip APT., is a well-respected sports therapist and strength coach. In 2001 Heather was involved in a traumatic car crash where she sustained whole body injuries, multiple trapped nerves, headaches, and whole-body dysfunction - for years she couldn’t walk properly without pain or a limp. After many years of battling with agony, Heather changed the industry, became a therapist, strength coach and founded 1body4life. 15 years later, Heather has traveled the world to learn from the most elite coaches’ and health professionals. She decided the more she could resolve her own injuries the more she could provide the most effective results to help others. Heather has become an expert in her field and is renowned for resolving complex injuries with her innovative, self-created systems of diagnosis and rehabilitation, advanced soft tissue skills, nutrition, and sports psychology work. Heather has worked with a range of professional athletes i

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